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HamSpace.me the Social Media Alternative for the Ham Radio Community, licensed family members and friends. HamSpace is a interactive family friendly Ham Radio chat website. A Great place for younger Hams with many questions, also perfect for our older Hams who may no longer have functioning radio gear but still have a wealth of knowledge they can pass down.

So what can you do on HamSpace?

HamSpace is a Hams own personal space to hang out, have fun, make new friends and stay in contact with old friends. The Members Control Panel is loaded with all the tools a Experienced Top DX'er or Novice Ham Radio Operator needs without ever leaving the HamSpace Website. Members are able to participate in our many Cash and Award Contests, live voice and text chat with other members, play the Horse Racing Game that is built into the live text chat, webcam and video chat, create fun profiles, send instant private messages with links and pictures to other members, live stream from your ham station or special ham events, post scheduled events or any other ham related information to the outside world.

Live Text Chat as a Guest.

Guest text chat

It is simple and free to sign up as a member and use all the member features but if you just want to live text chat as a guest, you can click on the blue Chat image. The guest live text chat is stripped of all the fun functions but you're still able to chat with other friendly Hams.

Play the UFO Fighter Game as a Guest.

ufo game

Save the Earth from a Flying Saucer UFO Invasion. Get on the HamSpace Leaderboard if you are good enough to make the Top 20 List. Logged in Member's Fun Profile Names are added automatically, guests will have a random generated guest name.

The live voice, video chat function is built into the Members Control Panel supporting voice only or both voice and video. If selected members are able to create voice and video chat groups, invite friends, screen share, or hang out and wait for others to join in.

Members Live Streams and Ham Information.

See the Schedule page to view Members Live Streams or Members Ham Radio related information. Click this link: Schedule page or use the top navigation to view all the latest information posted by HamSpace Members.

Nets, Netlogger and HamSpace.

Lets face it, some things just can’t be said in Netlogger’s AIM nor do you want to take up a Net’s Business with funny texts or trying to exchange any private, personal information with your Best Net Friends or Net Administrators. HamSpace has built in private messaging and the HamSpace Chat is packed with over 32 of the Craziest Emojis specifically designed for Net Users. The HamSpace Member’s Chat is easily re sizeable and makes a fun and entertaining Companion to Netlogger.

There is nothing to buy, download or install, works on all mobile devices, PC's and laptops. Your information is always 100% safe and secure, guaranteed! and covered under our privacy policy.

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